Cast and Crew


Mike Vogel began acting in 2001 and has since appeared in notable films and television series including <strong>The Help</strong>, <strong>The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants</strong>, <strong>Poseidon</strong>, <strong>Cloverfield</strong>, and <strong>Under The Dome</strong>. Mike’s career began as a contestant on the Nickelodeon TV show <strong>Guts</strong> and he then modeled for Levi’s. His first recurring role was in the TV series <strong>Grounded For Life</strong> and his first film role was in the skateboarding-themed<strong><em> </em>Grind </strong>in 2003. He was in the made-for-TV remake of <strong>Wuthering Heights</strong> and the TV series <strong>Pan Am</strong>. In 2014, Mike landed the lead role in the miniseries <strong>Childhood’s End</strong> and stars in the upcoming film <strong>Wild Man</strong>.

Mike Vogel

Lee Strobel

Award-winning actress Erika Christensen is known for her six seasons on the hit series <strong>Parenthood</strong>, for which she won a Gracie Award. A Seattle native, she launched her career in the feature film version of <strong>Leave It To Beaver</strong>. A number of TV guest roles followed, including <strong>Frasier</strong><em>, </em><strong>The</strong> <strong>Practice</strong><em>, </em><strong>3rd Rock from the Sun</strong>, and <strong>Touched by an Angel</strong>. She also starred in the Disney Channel movie <strong>Can of Worms</strong>. Her breakout role came in <strong>Traffic</strong>, the 2000 Academy Award®-winning movie. Other film roles include <strong>Swimfan</strong>, <strong>The Banger Sisters</strong>, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Perfect</strong> <strong>Score</strong>, <strong>Flightplan</strong>, <strong>How</strong> <strong>To</strong> <strong>Rob A Bank</strong>, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Tortured</strong>, <strong>Two For One</strong>, and <strong>The Muse</strong>. Erika also starred in the Hallmark Channel film <strong>Anything for Love </strong>and was in the HBO courtroom drama film <strong>Confirmation</strong>.

Erika Christensen

Leslie Strobel

Throughout her career, Academy Award®-winner Faye Dunaway has starred in iconic films, including <strong>The Thomas Crown Affair</strong> and <strong>Chinatown</strong>. In 1976, she won the Oscar for her role in <strong>Network</strong>. A graduate of Boston University's School of Fine and Applied Arts, Faye launched her career on stage in the American National Theater and Academy's production of <em>A Man for All Seasons</em> in 1962. She found success off-Broadway in an acclaimed role in William Alfred’s <em>Hogan's Goat</em>, leading to film roles and her 1965 television debut in <strong>Seaway</strong>. Faye found Hollywood stardom two years later with the role of Bonnie Parker in <strong>Bonnie And Clyde</strong>. Then came her starring role with Steve McQueen in <strong>The Thomas Crown Affair</strong>. She also had major roles in <strong>Three Days Of The Condor</strong> and <strong>Mommie Dearest</strong>. In addition to her 1976 Academy Award for Best Actress, she was nominated for the Golden Globe® Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her performance in <strong>Barfly</strong> and she won an Emmy® for a guest-starring role in the hit series <strong>Columbo</strong>. Her autobiography, <em>Looking for Gatsby</em>, was published in 1995.

Faye Dunaway

Dr. Roberta Waters

Robert Forster earned an Academy Award® nomination for the role of Max Cherry in Quentin Tarantino’s <strong>Jackie Brown</strong>. In a career spanning five decades, he has appeared in more than 100 films. Launching his career in 1966, early films include <strong>Reflections In A Golden Eye</strong>, <strong>Medium Cool</strong>, <strong>The Stalking Moon</strong>, <strong>Alligator</strong>, <strong>Vigilante</strong>, <strong>The Black Hole</strong>, and <strong>Stunts</strong>. Then came a 13-year stint playing villains–starting with <strong>Delta Force</strong> in 1985 and ending with <strong>American Perfekt</strong>. Among his other films: <strong>Automata</strong>; <strong>Survivor</strong>; <strong>Olympus</strong> <strong>Has</strong> <strong>Fallen</strong>; <strong>The</strong> <strong>Descendants</strong>; <strong>Middle</strong> <strong>Men</strong>; <strong>Like Mike</strong>; <strong>Me, Myself & Irene</strong>; <strong>Firewall</strong>; and <strong>Diamond Men</strong>. TV series include <strong>Last Man Standing</strong><em>, </em><strong>Breaking Bad</strong><em>, </em><strong>Heroes</strong><em>, </em><strong>Karen Sisco</strong>, and <strong>Fastlane</strong>.

Robert Forster

Walter Strobel

A Tony Award-winner, L. Scott Caldwell launched her acting career in 1978 as a member of the famed Negro Ensemble Company. Just two years later, she made her bow on Broadway in the Tony-nominated play <em>Home</em>. She won her Tony in 1988 as Bertha Holly in <em>Joe Turner’s Come and Gone</em>. Her extensive background extends from theater into feature films and television. Film credits include <strong>Waiting To Exhale</strong>, <strong>The Net</strong>, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Fugitive</strong>, <strong>Like</strong> <strong>Dandelion</strong> <strong>Dust</strong>, and <strong>Powder</strong> <strong>Blue</strong>. Recurring television roles include <strong>Judging</strong> <strong>Amy</strong>, <strong>Lost</strong><em>,</em> <strong>The Secret Life of the American Teenager</strong> and <strong>Southland</strong>. Other TV roles include <strong>JAG</strong>, <strong>Chicago</strong> <strong>Hope</strong>, <strong>City of Angels</strong>, <strong>Promised Land</strong>, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Practice</strong>, <strong>ER</strong>, <strong>Nip/Tuck</strong>, <strong>L.A. Law</strong>, and <strong>The Cosby Show</strong><em>.</em> Broadway credits include <em>Proposals</em>, <em>A Month of Sundays</em> and <em>Home</em>. She is a theater arts and communications graduate from Loyola University Chicago.

L. Scott Caldwell

Alfie Davis

Frankie Faison’s acting career began in 1974 in the New York Shakespeare Festival production of <em>King Lear</em>, with James Earl Jones in the title role. Moving to television, Frankie starred in the children’s show <strong>Hot Hero Sandwich</strong>. His film career gained traction in the 1980s with roles in <strong>Manhunter</strong>, <strong>Maximum</strong> <strong>Overdrive</strong>, and <strong>Coming To America</strong>. He was also in <strong>The Silence Of The Lambs</strong>, <strong>Hannibal</strong>, and <strong>Red Dragon</strong>. Other film and TV roles include <strong>True</strong> <strong>Colors</strong>, <strong>Freejack</strong>, and <strong>Maximum Overdrive</strong>. Frankie was a regular on <strong>Prey</strong> and had a starring role in<strong> The</strong> <strong>Wire</strong>. He studied drama at Illinois Wesleyan University and received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater.

Frankie Faison

Joe Dubois

Jordan Cox began acting at the age of 17. He took acting classes and attended workshops before moving to Atlanta, where he is now based. Before acting, Jordan was a professional tennis player. He began playing at age 8 years and traveled the world for junior and professional tournaments. Career highlights include making the Junior Wimbledon singles final and reaching an ATP ranking of 449. Though Jordan still enjoys playing, he is now finishing up his business degree and continuing pursuing his passion of acting.

Jordan Cox

Bill Hybels

Los Angeles native Mike Pniewski has enjoyed a long and varied acting career in film and television. He debuted in an episode of the hit series<em> Hill Street Blues</em> in 1984 and went on to appear in well-known TV shows <strong>Coach</strong><em>, </em><strong>21 Jump Street</strong><em>, </em><strong>ER</strong><em>, </em><strong>Murphy Brown</strong>, <strong>Law & Order</strong> franchise, and many others. He has recently been seen in <strong>Madam Secretary</strong><em>, </em><strong>Blue Bloods</strong>, and <strong>Killing Reagan</strong>.

Mike Pniewski

Kenny London

Born in Texas and raised in Louisiana, Judd Lormand began acting at a young age acting in school productions and participating in debates. After becoming a professional actor, Judd earned notable roles in a number of films, including: <strong>The Hunger Games</strong>,<strong> Joyful Noise</strong>,<strong> Quarantine 2: Terminal</strong>,<strong> Pitch Perfect</strong>, and <strong>Broken City</strong>. His television credits include <strong>Memphis Beat</strong>, <strong>Common Law</strong>, and <strong>Treme</strong>.

Judd Lormand

Joe Koblinsky

Kevin Sizemore has portrayed many memorable characters on the small screen, including the Emmy®-nominated series <strong>Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462. </strong>Other shows include<strong> Notorious, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles,</strong> <strong>Resurrection, Under The Dome </strong>and many more. On the big screen, he was in <strong>Woodlawn,</strong> <strong>Miracles From Heaven</strong>, and the Christmas film <strong>Believe</strong>, for which he also served as a producer. In addition to <strong>THE CASE FOR CHRIST</strong>, Kevin has three other films coming out in 2017, including the sci-fi thriller <strong>Domain</strong> and <strong>Mine 9</strong>. Kevin is in pre-production on a documentary about the founder of ESPN, and in post-production on two other films with his company, GKg Productions.

Kevin Sizemore

Dr. Gary Habermas


Writer, director, and editor Jonathan M. Gunn has done it all in film and television. After working on the production staff for the hit TV series <strong>The Nanny </strong>and the film <strong>Space Jam </strong>in the 1990s, Jonathan wrote and directed his first feature film, <strong>Mercy Streets</strong> in 2000. In 2004, he co-directed the hilarious and inspiring award-winning documentary <strong>My Date With Drew</strong>, about one young man’s pursuit of his dream—a date with Drew Barrymore. Since then, he has directed <strong>Like Dandelion Dust </strong>(2009), <strong>Do You Believe? </strong>and <strong>The Week</strong> (both 2015).



Brian Bird has written and produced in Hollywood for more than three decades. In 2005, he partnered with Michael Landon Jr. to form Believe Pictures, producing titles such as <strong>The Last Sin Eater</strong>, <strong>Saving Sarah Cain</strong>, and <strong>Jake’s Run</strong>. He is also known for his work as the executive producer of the Hallmark Channel’s series <strong>When Calls The Heart</strong>. Brian wrote the screenplay for <strong>Not Easily Broken </strong>and television pilots for NBC and Showtime. He previously served as co-executive producer and writer on the final four seasons of the long-running TV series <strong>Touched by An Angel</strong>. His script for Sony’s <strong>Call Me Claus</strong><em>, </em>starring Whoopi Goldberg, was the highest-rated cable TV film of 2002. His many credits in film, TV series production, and writing include more than 250 episodes of <strong>Touched by an Angel</strong>, <strong>Evening Shade</strong><em>, </em><strong>Step by Step</strong><em>,</em> and <strong>The Family</strong> <strong>Man</strong>.



David A.R. White, the most visible actor and producer in the Christian entertainment industry, was raised in a small Kansas Mennonite farming town. At age 19, he moved to Los Angeles to begin what would quickly become a successful career as an actor, writer, director, and producer. After three years co-starring with Burt Reynolds in the hit TV show <strong>Evening Shade</strong>, and in many other roles in television and film, David became a founding partner in Pure Flix, the No. 1 faith-based studio, which produces and distributes more faith-centered films than any other. David has had starring roles in 20 feature-length films, including <strong>Revelation Road</strong>, <strong>In The Blink Of</strong> <strong>An Eye</strong>, and <strong>Dancer And The Dame</strong>. David produced and starred in the UP-TV original film, <strong>Brother White</strong><em>,</em> co-starring his wife, Andrea Logan White, and earning a Cable FAX Program Award nomination for best actor. David also produced and starred in <strong>God’s Not Dead</strong>, the No. 1 independent faith film of 2014, and Pure Flix’s biggest film to date. Currently, David stars in the sitcom, <strong>Hitting the Breaks</strong>, along with his wife. David also is a director on <strong>The Encounter</strong>, a new series airing exclusively on



Michael Scott, CEO and co-founder of faith-film giant Pure Flix, has produced more than 25 films and hundreds of television commercials. Among his many films are the breakout hit <strong>God’s Not Dead</strong>, the No. 1 faith film of 2014 (earning more than $62 million at the box office), <strong>God’s Not Dead 2</strong>, and <strong>Do You Believe?</strong> Michael produced the long-running hit TV series <strong>Travel the Road</strong><em>, a </em>groundbreaking Christian reality series following the lives of missionaries Timothy Scott and William Decker as they journey to the ends of the earth. Now airing on TBN, Daystar, INSP, Netflix, and many other outlets, <strong>Travel the Road</strong> has gained a worldwide audience.



Brittany Yost has been active in television and feature film as a producer, director, and line producer. She is a producer of <strong>God’s Not Dead 2</strong>, and <strong>Do You Believe?</strong> She co-directed the documentary <strong>Volviendo</strong>. Brittany was line producer on films such as <strong>Jerusalem Countdown</strong> and <strong>Sarah’s</strong> <strong>Choice</strong>. In front of the camera, she has appeared in <strong>Sarah’s</strong> <strong>Choice</strong> and <strong>Johnny</strong>.



Karl Horstmann, CEO and co-founder of Triple Horse Studios, has produced multiple television series, motion pictures and hundreds of television commercials. He is a producer of the films <strong>Vanished: Left Behind Next Generation</strong>, and the upcoming <strong>Sweet Sweet Summertime?</strong> Karl recently produced the 2-hour History Channel prime-time specials <strong>Roanoke - Search for the Lost Colony</strong> and <strong>Return to Roanoke</strong>.