Excitement Grows for The Case For Christ

March 1, 2017

Excitement Grows for The Case For Christ

A recent Christian Post story talks about the impact THE CASE FOR CHRIST had on Pastor Greg Laurie:

“Megachurch pastor Greg Laurie recently interviewed former atheist Lee Strobel and his wife, Leslie, and said that he was brought to tears when watching their story of faith in THE CASE FOR CHRIST film.”

Here’s what Pastor Greg says about the film:

“This is one of the most powerful evangelistic movies I have ever seen! It connects on every level—logically and emotionally. This is a film you can take your non-believing friend to and not cringe. In fact, you may see them come to Christ like my friend Lee Strobel!”

Some other well-known people have seen the movie and are just as excited. Kerry Livgren, the legendary KANSAS co-founder, says:

THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a marvelous film. Well acted, well written, and a very powerful story!”  

Bestselling author Sheila Walsh says:

“This movie is a must see. If you are a follower of Christ it will strengthen your faith. If you are a skeptic it will address your questions. If you are an atheist, it will meet you where you are and invite you to take another look.”

And be sure to count Frank Turek, the coauthor of I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist, as a fan:

“Not since The Passion Of The Christ have I seen a true Christian story on the big screen presented with such elegance and power. Beautifully written and acted, THE CASE FOR CHRIST is must see for anyone open to discovering life’s most important truth.”

Don’t miss YOUR chance to be inspired by THE CASE FOR CHRIST … and to use the film as a great invitational tool for your friends and family. The movie opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, April 7!

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