Give an Easter Gift: Take a Friend to See The Case For Christ!

March 1, 2017

Give an Easter Gift: Take a Friend to See The Case For Christ!
Christmas and Easter. Those are the two times each year you can count on having an unbelieving friend or family member willing to go to church with you. 

With this weekend being Easter, you can get your church invitation rolling with an electronic Easter card. Use it not only ot invite someone to church, but also to see THE CASE FOR CHRIST with you this weekend!

It’s a movie that will help point them to the true meaning of Easter. And beyond that, it’s a great film! The movie received an A+ from audiences (via CinemaScore).

Check out what Holly posted on Facebook:
THE CASE FOR CHRIST is one of the very best movies I have ever seen! It is the BEST evangelistic movie ever made!!! I would highly recommend it to those who are questioning their faith, those who have no faith, and those who want to learn how better to share their faith!”

Jon Erwin, director of Woodlawn and Moms’ Night Out, said:
THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a must-see, incredibly well made, entertaining, and thought-provoking film. I was truly blown away! Go see it!”

New York Times bestselling author Beverly Lewis called it:
“Realistic, pitch-perfect, and powerful.  THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a truly significant work for the Kingdom of God … and so needed in our time.”

And then there’s this post from Darin on Facebook:
“EXCELLENT Production!! Movie really had two stories!! Well worth the time and money!! NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE QUESTIONING CHRIST!!!”

Yes, we think he really enjoyed the movie! And we truly believe everyone you invite with you will enjoy it as well. Make the most of people’s interest in Easter this weekend. Bring them to see THE CASE FOR CHRIST and then follow-up with an invitation to your church on Sunday!

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