Seeing My Life—Good and Bad—On the Big Screen

March 1, 2017

Seeing My Life—Good and Bad—On the Big Screen
By Lee Strobel 

It’s surreal to see scenes from our life portrayed on the big screen, especially since not all of the movie is about the good stuff that happened.

For several days, as the script was being written, Leslie and I sat down with screenwriter Brian Bird and told our story in depth. In some cases, he drew from material that we had never talked about publicly before.

We went through some rough waters in our marriage before I was a Christian. Those were difficult times that I’m not particularly proud of. So having those scenes portrayed on screen is hard to watch at times. You hate to relive some of the arguments that Leslie and I had that are portrayed in the film.

But we wanted to be honest. We knew that people wouldn’t appreciate a film that skimmed over the difficult parts, so we faced them and we were as authentic as we could be about them.

I think there are going to be a lot of people who come to the film who are spiritually skeptical, or who are going through a marriage where one person is a Christian and the other isn’t—and they would spot it if we pulled our punches.

Brian created a powerful and emotionally moving script, so the payoff is worth it in the end if it will help people relate to the characters. Ultimately, our story is redemptive, which makes reliving those difficult times worthwhile.

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