The Case For Christ: "Equally Relational and Relentless"

March 1, 2017

Greg Stier is well known for sharing his love of Christ. What you may not know about the founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries is his love for good movies. In a recent blog post, Greg writes …

“Ever since I was a kid I used movies to escape the noise of my very loud, very volatile inner city family. … To this day I love a good film.  … I believe that a high-quality movie does a soul good.”

We are excited to discover Greg is a big fan of THE CASE FOR CHRIST. Check out what this post goes on to say …

“I’ve often used the qualification for halfway decent Christian films, ‘That was pretty good for a faith based film.’

“No such qualification was necessary for THE CASE FOR CHRIST. It was well written and superbly acted. It triggered both cheers and tears. It was a good movie.

“This film was as much of a love story and a mystery as it was an apologetic for the Christian faith. It was equally relational and relentless. It kept you locked in right up until the climactic and emotional finale.” 

Check out Greg’s full post here.

And then do what Greg and his wife are going to do opening weekend (April 7-9). Invite a couple that doesn't go to church to see the movie with you and go out for a post-movie conversation about the film.

Make plans now knowing THE CASE FOR CHRIST “is a good movie.”

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