The Impact of The Case For Christ Continues to Grow!

March 1, 2017

The Impact of The Case For Christ Continues to Grow!
By Lee Strobel 

When I originally pitched the idea of The Case for Christ book to Zondervan Publishing House, I had no confidence they would accept it. The reality was this: apologetics books were not big sellers at the time.

I had done three earlier books with Zondervan, so I had a good relationship with them. We sat around a conference table and I pitched about ten different book ideas, one of which was The Case for Christ.

At the end, we prayed and I said, “Well, what do you think?” They said, “We want you to write The Case for Christ.” I was stunned!

They said, “When you talked about these other nine projects, you sat there and read from your notes, and that was fine. But when you talked about The Case for Christ, you got up, you walked around the room, you were engaged, you were passionate. So if that’s the book that God has put on your heart, then that’s the book we want to publish.”

Not everyone had that same vision, though. When I was interviewing one of the scholars for the book, he said, “Nobody’s going to read your book, especially young people. We live in a postmodern world where people are not interested in evidence for the faith.” I went home and lamented to Leslie, “Nobody’s going to read my book!”

But since the book was published, we’ve discovered the single biggest group of people impacted by it have been 16- through 24-year-olds—the very people who this scholar thought would not be interested in evidence.

Indeed, they are interested—especially in a culture that’s increasingly skeptical, and even hostile towards Christianity. These issues are being bandied about and debated much more than they used to be.

So we’ve been surprised on several fronts with the book. I liken it to Wrigley Field in Chicago where the Cubs play. When somebody hits a fly ball on that field, often it’s caught by an outfielder. But if you hit it and the breeze is just right, the wind takes it out for a home run.

That’s how I feel about the book. I feel like I did hit the ball. I did my job in terms of interviewing the scholars and writing the manuscript, but the Holy Spirit took it much further than I ever anticipated and did so much more with that book than anybody ever believed would happen.

The book has been life-changing for me, and to have the movie made of it– especially so many years after the book originally came out—has been very encouraging.

I look at it this way: there are a lot of people who won’t read a 300-page book or venture into a church, but they might go to a movie that presents my story in a way they can relate to.

We are hoping and praying that a lot of people will discover the power of the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus through THE CASE FOR CHRIST.

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