Tickets Are Now Available!

March 1, 2017

Tickets Are Now Available!
Be it a concert, a stage show, or a sporting event, there’s no better feeling than having your tickets in hand. It insures you’ll have a seat for the big event. 

Opening weekend for THE CASE FOR CHRIST is just around the corner (April 7-9) and most theaters now have show times and tickets available. That means you can grab your tickets for the film Movieguide® says “is a must-see movie for both Christians AND atheists."

Why is it important to go that first Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? 

A successful opening weekend means a movie will play in opening theaters longer—and that many additional theaters may also get the movie. Without the incredible support of people like you on its opening weekend, God’s Not Dead would likely have come and gone quickly from theaters.

In other words, YOU will help determine the impact of THE CASE FOR CHRIST!

We encourage you to invite your friends, buy your tickets, and then get ready for opening weekend—April 7-9!

Find Theaters and Get Tickets

If you don’t find a theater near you with tickets, check back often; more theaters and show times will be posted regularly!

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