Why This Weekend Matters

March 1, 2017

Why This Weekend Matters
By Brian Bird, Screenwriter, THE CASE FOR CHRIST 

I’m getting on a plane, heading home from the premiere of THE CASE FOR CHRIST in Chicago and feeling blessed and nervous about this weekend’s results. I believe this is the most significant film of my career, and I wanted to share something important.

You may be unaware of just how important this first weekend is in the success and longevity of any film. The more people who go to the theater this weekend, the longer THE CASE FOR CHRIST will stay in the theaters. And that means the more hearts that can be stirred by the message.

If you have any hankering at all to see our film, PLEASE CONSIDER GOING THIS WEEKEND. It is a huge deal.

And I believe it is almost a theological issue. If you want more films like ours, reward the risk takers who went out on a limb to make this film.

The equation is simple: If we don’t patronize films like this, why would the risk-takers make any more of them? But if you want more of these kinds of films available to you and your loved ones, then GO, GO, GO—THIS WEEKEND.

If you go and like it, please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Take time to post; word of mouth is crucial in this noisy, crowded media marketplace.

If the demand for THE CASE FOR CHRIST is strong, we will add more theaters for week 2, which means even more people will be impacted by it! So, who’s going to the movies this weekend?

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